Upcoming Events Calendar

Upcoming Events Calendar

Ongoing - Seattle, WA
I'm delighted to share that I now manage Yamaha Worship Facebook Group. Please click this link to join the group.

Regional Keyboard Workshops- Various locations
I've begun presenting regional keyboard workshops. I partner with a local church in a specific area and give keyboard players a chance to bring their instruments for a full day of coaching. This setting allows participants to get that important "tactile" connection with what I share regarding voicings, common tones, etc. There's nothing like feeling AND hearing something that's being described, rather than just hearing about it in a lecture setting. Please use the form on my contact page to request more info about hosting a regional keyboard workshop in your area.

Nov 2-3, 2018 - Issaquah, WA
Christian Musician Summit
I've been honored to present keyboard classes at this Seattle event for many years and look forward to being there again in November.