Downloadable Resources


What A Love
You can watch a lyric video of my song "What A Love" on YouTube here. Grab the chord chart and lead sheet for free from Praise Charts here.

1456 Table.pdf (PDF)
Most of the popular worship songs we use in our churches today use the 1, 4, 5 and 6 chords as their harmonic vocabulary. Interesting things can happen to your arrangement when you mix up the order of these chords. This table shows you every possible sequence of the 1456 chords.

Reharmonization Worksheet (PDF)
Use this worksheet to figure out what chords you can use for the notes of your melody. If your melody is a D, for example, find the note D on the worksheet and discover some of the harmonic options you have.

Chord Numbers in All Keys (PDF)
Refer to this table as you learn to think of chords as numbers in their key. In D, for example, D is the 1 chord, G is the 4, A is the 5 and Bm is the 6. Encourage the members of your band to learn the numbers of the chords in a key, too. It's a great help in rehearsals.

Reharmonization options for Oceans (PDF)
Ever play a song so many times that it becomes a little stale, uninspiring? If you're feeling that way, there's a good chance it's affecting your congregation too. In this article you'll find some ways the verse of "Oceans" could be reharmonizes.

Permission Slip (PDF)
One of my favorite moments in my keyboard workshops with Paul Baloche or Yamaha is when I hand out Permission Slips to everyone. The permission slip can be signed and dated by yourself AND members of your worship team, giving you permission to play worship songs in ways other than the way they were recorded.

DVD1 Booklet (PDF)
If you own my first DVD, "Keyboards In Contemporary Praise & Worship", you've noticed that I reference a booklet that is available as a companion to the DVD. Download it here.