Resources for Songwriters


It's an incredible thing to consider that a song you or I might write can be used by God to minister the peace and presence of God to someone who hears it. Psalm 32:7 says "You are my hiding place; You will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance." Below you can learn more about some songs I've written and pick up a few tools to help you as a songwriter.

For licensing info regarding the use of my songs, click here.
"My Hope" is one of many songs that I've written with Paul Baloche through the years. One of the lines in the song was especially timely for me when it was first written and it still is today: "I don't know where You'll take me, but I know You're always good." Click here to watch Paul's video for the song, joined by Kathryn Scott.
The craft of songwriting involves lots of choices. What rhyme scheme should be used? When should the melody leap? Should there be a prechorus? Choosing chords for the song is as important as any of these choices. Click the graphic above to download a table that gives you all the ways you can sequence the 1456 chords, the chords are used in the majority of modern worship songs.
My friends Ben Jacobson and Kate White were my collaborators in writing this very honest, personal song. When I shared it in my home church, I read the story of the journey my wife and I had through the heartbreak of several miscarriages. Click here to listen to the song. You can read the story by clicking here.
“I Put My Trust In You” was featured on newlife church’s recording “Returning”. Based on verses from Psalm 27, it speaks of God being our light and our salvation. Click here to listen to the song.
I've used Psalm 32:7 and other verses for my "Songs Of Deliverance". Though I still need to finish a line in the bridge (for the random syllables you'll hear in the recording), I wanted to share the song with you. Click here to listen.
Besides writing worship songs for the church, I also enjoy writing music for video or film. One of my most recent compositions involved cello and piano, a favorite instrumentation of mine. Hope you enjoy listening. Click here.